New North America-Belize Flights Announced

New Flights to Belize One of the primary factors driving the recent boom in real estate in Belize is the growing number of airlines offering non-stop flights to the country from the United States, Canada, and destinations in Central America. Whether you're flying into Belize for business or pleasure, the growing demand for affordable, non-stop [...]

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There’s Always Something Fun Happening in Belize

Belize Festivals and Events One of the best parts about retiring or living in Belize is that there's always another fun festival, celebration, or event coming up. Whether it's a big national holiday or a street celebration with music, parades, games, and food, the Belizean calendar is jam-packed with exciting events. Here are just a [...]

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Belizean Food – Another reason to retire in Belize

The Fabulous Food of Belize Whether it's the fantastic weather, gorgeous nature, or simply the relaxed, laid-back pace of life, it's no wonder that so many people are choosing to retire in Belize. But one of the lesser-known secrets about Belize is that the country has some of the freshest and most interesting cuisines available [...]

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The Safest Place to Live in Belize

Where is the safest place to live in Belize? The answer is Corozal District Many people who are considering moving to or investing in Belize get misled by somewhat confusing crime statistics. In reality, Belize is an incredibly safe country, especially for visitors, as the vast majority of untoward incidents occur between locals in a [...]

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Will Moving to Belize Make You Happier? Probably. Here’s Why.

If you're looking for an ideal place to retire or move to, consider Belize. Many of the growing expat community in Belize moved to the country for the excellent weather, abundant sunshine, beautiful nature, and exciting adventures available on both the mainland and the offshore reef, but soon find out that they experience a higher [...]

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Belize, An Easy Place to Move Overseas

Whether you're looking for a place with balmy temperatures and abundant sunshine or simply want to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern America, few countries are as welcoming and easy to move to as Belize. Located just a few hours by plane from the United States, Belize is the only country in [...]

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