Corozal Nature Lovers

A paradise within paradise, the new eco-evolutional development, encompassing 2.5 miles of pure unobstructed Belize coastline, just west of Ambergris Caye, will provide inspiration upon every visit.

Belize is known for its natural wonders, and having established itself as the eco-tour capital of the World, it is a Mecca for those wishing to be more in touch with nature.

The area is eco-significant as it is home to multiple species of fauna and flora. The rivers, bays and ocean’s edge are teaming with a sea of life. Our development will include “sheltered tree-top observation areas” adjacent to migration trails of the large cats, and other mammals, where you, as a resident, may come and go as often as you wish to experience the wonders of nature which only Belize can offer. We have included some of the highlights of those reports and listing them for your enjoyment. These reports only include sightings at the time of the report and conclude that there is a multitude of species not yet fully documented. This poses and exciting opportunity for the intrepid naturalist.

In order to truly appreciate Cerros Sands at La Playa de Cerros and Corozal District, you must come and see it for yourself.

Below is only a partial list of the species that can be seen in areas of the Corozal district.

84 species of Birds were noted by casual observation

Mammals, Carnivores:
Gray Fox, Jaguarundi, Jaguar, Kinkajou, Margay, Northern Raccoon, Ocelot, Puma, Tayra, White-nosed Coati.

Maya small eared shrew, collared ant-eater.

Nine-banded armadillo, Northern Tamandua.

Hoofed Animals:
Baird’s Tapir, Collared peccary, Red brocket deer, white-tailed deer, White-lipped peccary.

Common Opossum, Virginia Opossum, Gray four-eyed opossum.

Agouti, Big-eared climbing rat, Paca, Yucatan squirrel, Davy’s Naked-backed Bat, Parnell’s Mustached Bat, Thomas’ fruit-eating Bat, Pallas’ long-tongued Bat, Yellow-shouldered Bat, Argentine brown Bat, Mastiff Bat.

Frogs, Toads, Turtles.

Crocodiles, Lizards 17 species, Snakes 27 species.

118 fish species recorded in the waters abounding in Corozal area: 3 families and 6 species of exclusively freshwater fishes, 5 families and 35 species of brackish-water fishes with some salt tolerance, and 30 families and 77 species of marine fishes.

These are far too many to list. It seems everyday the rain forest yields yet another species to be discovered. Although not in the “rain forest” of Belize, Cerros Sands at La Playa de Cerros affords the best of both worlds as the Rain forest areas are just over an hours drive by car.

Purchasing in Belize

Purchasing in Belize

The process of purchasing property in Belize is amongst the easiest on the planet.

The legal system in Belize is English Common Law just as it is in the USA and Canada.

After locating the property you wish to acquire, an offer to purchase or purchase agreement is written, agreed to and, upon mutual agreement, is signed by the buyer and seller. This agreement sets forth the terms by which the purchase is consummated.

A deposit or full payment as outlined in the agreement is sent to the escrow account. Funds may be held by a broker, developer, an attorney, facilitator or by a title company.

Once the funds are received, the seller or developer sends his title along with the necessary government forms to transfer the title to the escrow agent.

The agent will send the aforementioned forms to the Government of Belize Land Titles Unit in Belmopan for the purpose of recording the transfer of title and issuance of a new title in the name of the new owner, in this case you or any entity name you might choose to hold title to your land in.

If you are buying with a down-payment and a mortgage, an original copy of mortgage is sent to the Land Titles Unit in order to be recorded against the property. Once the mortgage is paid in full, the mortgage is released and title is issued in the name of the buyer.

Cerros Sands at La Playa de Cerros has a master title policy in place with First American Title Company in Miami. Should you like to purchase an individual title policy; the forms will be sent to you. These forms and the funds necessary for the policy should be sent directly to First American Title in Miami.

The costs applicable to purchasing in Belize are as listed below in United States Dollars:

  • Belize Government Stamp Duty on the full purchase price: 5% due upon transfer of title. In the case of a mortgage this is not paid until the mortgage is paid in full.
  • Belize Government Stamp Duty on a Mortgage: $7.50 per $1000.00 due upon filing of the mortgage.
  • Attorney Fees: 2% of the purchase price is the normal rate charged.
  • First American Title Policy: $750.00
  • The attorney fees and title policy are at your option should you desire to use such services.

Getting to Belize

Getting to Belize

First off, we highly recommend that you do not book your entire stay in Belize at one location. Belize has many sites to see and it is very easy to get from place to place. We would be very happy to put together a customized travel plan for you.

We recommend reservations be made prior to arriving in Belize for both your Belize air flights and hotel for the first few nights if you are coming in during high season (November to May).

International Flights

For International flights the following carriers serve Belize:

United 800-864-8331. Direct flights originate from Houston Texas and Los Angeles, California during high season.

American Airlines800-433-7300 (7 Days a week). To check on your current flight, schedule and gate information call this 24 hour number, 1-800-223-5436. Direct flights originate from Miami, Florida and Dallas, Texas.

US Airways 800-622-1015 for International Destinations. To check on your current flight 800-943-5436. Their hub is Charlotte, North Carolina.

Taca/Avianca 800-400-8222 Direct flights from Texas and San Salvador, El Salvador.

Delta 800-221-1212 Direct flights from Atlanta, Georgia. Beginning in December 2013, there is a direct, non-stop flight Saturday non-stop fromLos Angelesthat returns later each Saturday.

Via Cancún

Many visitors are flying into Cancun, as the rates are much less with more options. Rental cars and fuel are also much cheaper than in Belize. To bring a rental car from Mexico into Belize you have to fill out another form when renting the car. Be sure to tell them you want to cross over the Mexican border and drive around Belize. The highway between Cancun and Belize is very good.

Domestic Flights

There are two carriers that offer flights within Belize, and also from Cancun, Mexico:

Maya Island Air 800-225-6732 or 011-501-223-1140. The direct number at (Goldson) Belize International is 501-225-2219.

Tropic Air 800-422-3435 or 011-501-226-2012. Email:

August 2022 Community Update

August 5, 2022

We have added a few new owners since our last update and the market seems to be picking up with added interest in the Resort, Restaurant and Bar as well as many other Beachfront and Channel Lots.

The channel lots in the 4th and 5th row of Phase 1 have been renumbered to match the lands department official records now for the subdivision.  Anyone affected has been sent new documents to complete the title transfer process. This doesn’t affect your lot location simply a change in number to match the official registry now.

Phase 2 development is looking at channel excavation and access road widening potentially by the end of the year.

The Pickleball net and paddles have arrived onsite, we are in the planning stages for the courts now.  In the short term we are going to have a temporary course setup near the restaurant.

This weekend August 6th will see the 3rd Annual Cerros Maya Throwdown Disc Golf Tournament here with 26 participants from around Belize, this is also the first  Professional Disc Golf Women’s Global event in Belize, Central America or Latin America.

Cerros Sands Property Management was onsite this last week and got caught up with more maintenance including mowing the cleared lots. They will return after 1 week off to continue their normal maintenance.  Again heavy rains have slowed some progress.

Road Improvements from Sarteneja to Corozal

You can find more details on this amazing road work that includes paving and bridge infrastructure in the following packet from the Government of Belize.  To date August 5, 2022 there has been major road infrastructure put in including raising the road, installing culverts for proper drainage, pavement has began on the improved side between Sarteneja and Chunox.

Both the ferries have been moved to new locations and bridge work has commenced at the Laguna Seca Crossing and the New River Ferry.

Official Press Release:

Opening Ceremony:

Pavement Milestone: Corozal Daily Article

Laguna Seca Bridge Progress January 2022: Pictures and Article

Cerros Sands 1st Quarter Update

Cerros Sands Property Management has been working on road improvements, filling potholes, chopping and mowing is completed for the week.  They will be back onsite March 21st.

The beachfront condos are still on the market starting at 250k.  Channel land and Beachfront of Phase 2 have been added to the inventory.

Blackbeard’s is now open 7 days a week operating from 8 am to 7 pm, weekends are very busy, reservations are recommended. 670-8815

The next Disc Golf event at Cerros Maya Disc Golf Course is March 26th!