August 2022 Community Update

August 5, 2022

We have added a few new owners since our last update and the market seems to be picking up with added interest in the Resort, Restaurant and Bar as well as many other Beachfront and Channel Lots.

The channel lots in the 4th and 5th row of Phase 1 have been renumbered to match the lands department official records now for the subdivision.  Anyone affected has been sent new documents to complete the title transfer process. This doesn’t affect your lot location simply a change in number to match the official registry now.

Phase 2 development is looking at channel excavation and access road widening potentially by the end of the year.

The Pickleball net and paddles have arrived onsite, we are in the planning stages for the courts now.  In the short term we are going to have a temporary course setup near the restaurant.

This weekend August 6th will see the 3rd Annual Cerros Maya Throwdown Disc Golf Tournament here with 26 participants from around Belize, this is also the first  Professional Disc Golf Women’s Global event in Belize, Central America or Latin America.

Cerros Sands Property Management was onsite this last week and got caught up with more maintenance including mowing the cleared lots. They will return after 1 week off to continue their normal maintenance.  Again heavy rains have slowed some progress.

Cerros Sands 1st Quarter Update

Cerros Sands Property Management has been working on road improvements, filling potholes, chopping and mowing is completed for the week.  They will be back onsite March 21st.

The beachfront condos are still on the market starting at 250k.  Channel land and Beachfront of Phase 2 have been added to the inventory.

Blackbeard’s is now open 7 days a week operating from 8 am to 7 pm, weekends are very busy, reservations are recommended. 670-8815

The next Disc Golf event at Cerros Maya Disc Golf Course is March 26th!

May 2021 Homeowners Meeting

Homeowners Meeting 3/11/2011

Nearly every Cerros Sands homeowner currently in Belize came to the meeting.

Things that were covered of note:

100s of Coconut trees were ordered and being installed along the beach in phase 2.  More ordered to go along the roads on the boundary of the property.

Cohun trees and coconut trees are also being planted in the green space/ Disc Golf.  This will provide some more challenge and more importantly shade for recreational walkers.

CSPM is operating the Bush hog currently once per month on lots that it can be run.

CSPM is a Belizean owned and operated company.  The funds paid every year need to be brought down to Belize.  Wire, check or bank to bank transfer can be done. 

New channel markers are going to be installed along with lights.  No wake buoys have been ordered as well.

Bar stage construction is ongoing, kitchen expansion has started.

200 foot dock planned and approved for the long Jetty.  

Channel expansion to the road started, the material was too soft to work with at the point where we stopped so it will need to dry out before proceeding.

Some issues brought up by homeowners:

There is a concern about basically abandoned or neglected parcels.  Including low land or parcels with weeds. 

We will proceed to notify those again with low lots to fill as much as they can to make maintenance easier.  Those who have abandoned or will not cooperate with the upkeep of their land we will do what we can within the law to enforce upkeep.

Security came up, we will be installing community maps at the gatehouse as well as a dedicated phone for security.  Once this is done we will share the number with residents.

Emergency Air horns were proposed for medical emergencies where you may not be able to reach your phone. We will be sourcing them and if you are interested in having one we will have them for sale at Blackbeard’s.

A medical emergency plan was also proposed for getting to the hospital, we will continue to look at this.  For now there is a boat available at the restaurant dock for medical emergencies.

Thank you to everyone who came out, as always if you see something that needs to be addressed feel free to reach out to us at