Cerros Sands Belize Real Estate

Cerros Sands is a Master Planned Community in the Corozal District of Belize. 

This unique community offers Beachfront and Channel land where you can build your home.  The Channel allows for docks for your boat to access the sea from your home.

Beachfront Land starts at 99k USD, Channel Land starts at 29k USD.

This unique community is 100% Off Grid utilizing Solar Power with Batteries for the homes.  Water storage is mostly done in cisterns under the homes and rain water is collected from the rooftops of the homes.  The near constant sea breeze is very good for wind generators as well.  Multiple homeowners have already built and included Air Conditioning with no problem for their off grid systems.

The Onsite Restaurant and Resort offers amazing views of the sea with multiple beaches to swim and enjoy.